Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorry didn't update my blog .

Elfie idiotic face (:
Tasha , Abg haiqal and elfie

nina and eleen

Dani !!

On the 22nd june nyte , i'm back from malaysia .
It was quite fun in Malaysia .
Coz all my favourite and crazy cuzzy are there .
At there i also saw my super duper favourite cuzzy
and tat is Yus . But i called hym Abg Yuyu .
I was quite shocked when i saw hym . So yah ..

Den the worst part of my holidae in Malaysia ,
was tat Dani vomitted on me . He did tat lyke about 3-4 times .
He was sick at tat tyme . So tat was why he vomitted . At 1st ,
when we reach our hotel room , me and my mum was lyke .....
Wth ! What hotel is this ? ... So small . What is this ?
Den i was lyke , we pay so much for the hotel and this is what we get .
Walao . Den when we go jln2 , it was so hot there . Sonetimes , me
and my cuzzy was so super lazy to go down . So we were lyk spend
half of our day in the bus sleeping and of coz making noise .
Yah .. It was super fun . But when we are back from Malaysia ,
we got another fun . But it was a short journey . We ride a lorry tat my
brother bring home from work . So yah . On tat nyte , i got a nice sleep
as Dani wasn't sleeping wif me . So tat it i wanna tell about my holidae .
I'll update again (: Bye bye♥

Lots of love ,
Mai kecyk ♥


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey ! (:

As usual , wake up in the morning , bath , breakfast ,
and of course , babysitting . Clean my room a bit den eat .
sleep for a while as i'm very tired . Den wake up at about like ,
5+ pm . Den watch tv . And of course , has to play wif dani and daniq .
Play here , play there .. Watch tv , eat again ... And stuffs ..
At night , pack my stuffs for tmr night . As me , my mummy and daddy and
also dani , is going to Malaysia , Terengganu , for a holiday again .
Yahoo ! Fun coming's up ! (: So many stuffs to bring .
As i am bringing dani along for the first time .
Hope he won't be naughty . Or it will be hard for me to take care of him ..
Aniwae people , i won't be in Singapore from 19 jun till 22 jun maybe .
So yah . Till here den (:
Lotz of love ,
Mai kecyk(:


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here are some pictures ! (:

Its the go-kart

Its abg haiqal .

This is the roller coaster tat we ride in .

It was super duper fast .

But it was fun (:

This is the boat tat i'm phobia with .

I feel like my heart is popping out of my body .
It hurts till now .

Haizz .

Me and Atiqah .

Bibik yuni and Eleen at the plane .

Tasha !!

Tasha and Nina .

Me and eleen in the Ferris Wheel .

Tasha and Nina In the Ferris wheel .

Adriana Natasha

Its Bibik yuni and Abg haiqal .

They're playing Wet and wild.

Its them again .


I'm Back !

I'm Back from Costa Sand Resort .
Soo tired like hell . On the second day ,
me and my cuzzy intend to went to wild wild wet .
But we can't go . Due to some reasons .
Den we go to Escape Theme Park instead .
We had so much fun there .
First of all , we went to the Haunted House .
It was scary . It scare me to death man .
But got some phobia .
I phobia bout the boat thingy .
I scared like hell la seii .
Den i so "malu" coz many people saw my face like wat .
When me and my cuzzy play the roller coaster ,
we had so much fun there .
Den we go back to the resort as we wanted to eat .
Den we went back to Escape as we had the chop of it .
We play till 7pm .
It was quite late for us as we went out in the morning and back at night .
But still it was super duper fun .
Hahahaha . Feel like going there again . But this time , I want go wild wild wet .
On the last day , we're suppose to check out from the resort at 10am .
But grandma wanted to go home fast . So we check out at 9am instead .
Den i'm back at home 10+ am .
I bath den sleep till dunnoe wat tyme . When i wake up ,
i watch tv . babysitting of course . and stuffs .
Till here then . Update all of you again next tyme .

Lotz of love ,
Mai kecyk (:


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey Hey !!

Today as usual , wake up in the morning at 9.00am , bath ,
babysitting , watch tv , eat , help mummy bath dani n stuffs .
Den my family karaoke till like 2+ am .
Play wif Dani at the corridor .
Play play play till 3+ am . Den my mummy cuzzy come .
Talk here , Talk there .. Talk talk talk .....
Den he went off . Den pack my things for tmr .
As me and my family will not be at home .
We will be at chalet for 3 days .
So many stuffs to bring . Heavy sia ..
Haiyo .
Till here then .
Lotz of love ,
Mai kecyk(:


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My two lil cuzzy

Muhd Daniq Aqif

Muhd Dani Aqil

Today i wake up at 9.00am ..

I nid to babysit my two lovely cuzzy .

Oops .. I mean handsome cuzzy ..

Hehe (: One is Dani and Daniq . Nice Name ryte ? (:

Haha . Den i chat chat chat wif my three cuz at MSN .

Chat chat till 2pm . den i got nothing to do . coz both my cuz are sleeping .

And at last , there is peace at home . But for awhile only . Haha ! (:
Later i nid clean my room as it was super duper messy .
And all thanks to Dani tat make my room messy like hell ! haha !
But nevermind coz he's juz a lil kid . Haha !!
Till here den .. I'll Update again ..

Lots of love,
Mai Kecyk (:


Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Big Day For My Cousin .

Me and adriana natasha .
Today is a big day . Not for me but for my cousin- Abg Iswandi (:

He's getting engaged today .

Haha . Today was quite fun as i got to meet up with my cuzzy .. My lil cuzzy- Nur Laila Atiqah , my crazy cuz- Nur Adriana Natasha ,

my idiotic cuz- Elfie Sharil , my handsome cuz ( some of my fren sae )- Muhd Aliff Haiqal , my irritating cuz- Elfieana Shaleen and last but not least , my super naughty , super idiotic , super irritating , super noisy , but super cute( like chinese gal )- Elvina Narrisha ..

She's the cutest among my cuz . But she's the naughtiest and noisy . Haha (:

Todae i wake up at 10.00Am . Bath .. Get ready .. Den go to my aunty house .. Wait for my bro to come and pick me and my cuzzy to my another aunty house . Den we eat , drink and stuffs ..

And at last , it is time to go to the gal house . Sit at there . Wait for people to eat den .........While waiting for my mum to come to my aunty house , i eat a lot of time . like 4-5 times (: But den i still feel hungry . I ask my cuz to take for me some food to eat .. As i was lazy .. haha . Den chat chat wif all my cuz .. Chat chat chat ... And it was time to go home . My uncle send me and my family home ... and i bath . grab a bite again . and watch tv .

Tats all bout todae .. (: Aniwae todae is Natasha qhalisha birthdae (if i'm not wrong )..

Happy Birthday Natasha !! Wish u happiness my dear fren !!(:

Take care ,

Mai kecyk (:


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bored !!

This is my 1st post
  • Since the start of the school holidae , i've been seating at home .

I've got nothing to do accept babysitting my lil cuzzy .

Boring sei ..

But the good thing is tat nana came to my house to play computer .

At least i got someone to talk to .

Haha .

Till here den ..

I'll update again in my next post ayee .

Lots of love ,

Mai kecyk .