Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Back !

I'm Back from Costa Sand Resort .
Soo tired like hell . On the second day ,
me and my cuzzy intend to went to wild wild wet .
But we can't go . Due to some reasons .
Den we go to Escape Theme Park instead .
We had so much fun there .
First of all , we went to the Haunted House .
It was scary . It scare me to death man .
But got some phobia .
I phobia bout the boat thingy .
I scared like hell la seii .
Den i so "malu" coz many people saw my face like wat .
When me and my cuzzy play the roller coaster ,
we had so much fun there .
Den we go back to the resort as we wanted to eat .
Den we went back to Escape as we had the chop of it .
We play till 7pm .
It was quite late for us as we went out in the morning and back at night .
But still it was super duper fun .
Hahahaha . Feel like going there again . But this time , I want go wild wild wet .
On the last day , we're suppose to check out from the resort at 10am .
But grandma wanted to go home fast . So we check out at 9am instead .
Den i'm back at home 10+ am .
I bath den sleep till dunnoe wat tyme . When i wake up ,
i watch tv . babysitting of course . and stuffs .
Till here then . Update all of you again next tyme .

Lotz of love ,
Mai kecyk (:



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