Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Big Day For My Cousin .

Me and adriana natasha .
Today is a big day . Not for me but for my cousin- Abg Iswandi (:

He's getting engaged today .

Haha . Today was quite fun as i got to meet up with my cuzzy .. My lil cuzzy- Nur Laila Atiqah , my crazy cuz- Nur Adriana Natasha ,

my idiotic cuz- Elfie Sharil , my handsome cuz ( some of my fren sae )- Muhd Aliff Haiqal , my irritating cuz- Elfieana Shaleen and last but not least , my super naughty , super idiotic , super irritating , super noisy , but super cute( like chinese gal )- Elvina Narrisha ..

She's the cutest among my cuz . But she's the naughtiest and noisy . Haha (:

Todae i wake up at 10.00Am . Bath .. Get ready .. Den go to my aunty house .. Wait for my bro to come and pick me and my cuzzy to my another aunty house . Den we eat , drink and stuffs ..

And at last , it is time to go to the gal house . Sit at there . Wait for people to eat den .........While waiting for my mum to come to my aunty house , i eat a lot of time . like 4-5 times (: But den i still feel hungry . I ask my cuz to take for me some food to eat .. As i was lazy .. haha . Den chat chat wif all my cuz .. Chat chat chat ... And it was time to go home . My uncle send me and my family home ... and i bath . grab a bite again . and watch tv .

Tats all bout todae .. (: Aniwae todae is Natasha qhalisha birthdae (if i'm not wrong )..

Happy Birthday Natasha !! Wish u happiness my dear fren !!(:

Take care ,

Mai kecyk (:



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