Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My two lil cuzzy

Muhd Daniq Aqif

Muhd Dani Aqil

Today i wake up at 9.00am ..

I nid to babysit my two lovely cuzzy .

Oops .. I mean handsome cuzzy ..

Hehe (: One is Dani and Daniq . Nice Name ryte ? (:

Haha . Den i chat chat chat wif my three cuz at MSN .

Chat chat till 2pm . den i got nothing to do . coz both my cuz are sleeping .

And at last , there is peace at home . But for awhile only . Haha ! (:
Later i nid clean my room as it was super duper messy .
And all thanks to Dani tat make my room messy like hell ! haha !
But nevermind coz he's juz a lil kid . Haha !!
Till here den .. I'll Update again ..

Lots of love,
Mai Kecyk (:



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