Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorry didn't update my blog .

Elfie idiotic face (:
Tasha , Abg haiqal and elfie

nina and eleen

Dani !!

On the 22nd june nyte , i'm back from malaysia .
It was quite fun in Malaysia .
Coz all my favourite and crazy cuzzy are there .
At there i also saw my super duper favourite cuzzy
and tat is Yus . But i called hym Abg Yuyu .
I was quite shocked when i saw hym . So yah ..

Den the worst part of my holidae in Malaysia ,
was tat Dani vomitted on me . He did tat lyke about 3-4 times .
He was sick at tat tyme . So tat was why he vomitted . At 1st ,
when we reach our hotel room , me and my mum was lyke .....
Wth ! What hotel is this ? ... So small . What is this ?
Den i was lyke , we pay so much for the hotel and this is what we get .
Walao . Den when we go jln2 , it was so hot there . Sonetimes , me
and my cuzzy was so super lazy to go down . So we were lyk spend
half of our day in the bus sleeping and of coz making noise .
Yah .. It was super fun . But when we are back from Malaysia ,
we got another fun . But it was a short journey . We ride a lorry tat my
brother bring home from work . So yah . On tat nyte , i got a nice sleep
as Dani wasn't sleeping wif me . So tat it i wanna tell about my holidae .
I'll update again (: Bye bye♥

Lots of love ,
Mai kecyk ♥



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