Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tired !

Today went to school as per normal .
Play Tchoukball for 4 hrs .
1st few hrs under the sun .
So hoott siaa !
After school , went back home .
Wanted to sleep .
But Siti ajak me go find things for camping .
I wanted to buy but end up teman her go buy .
Tiring bcos i bring Dani along .
He kept running .
Den reached home at 8+ pm .
Watch Jihan den ppl go off Tv .
Binget siak akuh .
Lastlast ddk dlm bilek maen game .
Andand tmr i got english Re-test .
And i REALLY HOPE that i can be PROMOTED !
Hope i pass .
So till here then ! ~

With Love :
Mai Kecyk (:



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