Monday, October 19, 2009

Heylo peepz ! (:

Today went out the whole day .
Gy rumah my baybeh , siti suhana .
Huhu ! She is gyler friendd .
When i'm with her , she always makes me laugh and smiles .
Thanks larh baybeh . (:
Before going to her house , i clean up the house first as semue org da kluar tgl akuh .
My mummy went out to Melaka in the morning .
Den my sis la pulak .
So left me alone as brother does not leave with me .
Den siapsiap and stuffs .
And proceed to Siti's house .
Planning to stay there till my mum reached Singapore .
We watch 6 VCD 's altogether .
Gugu ; the cat followed by wild child , the house bunny , bride wars , and Marley and Me . 1 more VCD i forgotten the title . So our favourite show was Wild Child .
I went to her house at 2+ pm and went home at 10+ pm . but i reached home at 11+ pm .
Wanted to wait for my mum but in the end , i waited for sis .
So tats bout today ! ~
With love :
Mai Kecyk (:



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