Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello !! (:

Today was the last exam paper .
It was DnT .
Susah larh siol .
Den cannot go out of school till 1pm .
go watch VCD at schhol's art room .
Den sit at canteen while waiting to go out of school .
And tak sengajer nangis because listen to that song .
hmm . sedih larh kan .
To Nana , Akuh tak salah kan kau sebab kau bukak lagu tuh .
Cume it reminds me of him .
To my new friendd , PLEASE don't irritate me by calling my home phone larh okayy . And Jangan skaliskali kau pakai name kawan akuh sebab kau nak akuh angkat telefon and bbual ngn kau . Kite nieyk baru kawan jeq larhh ehk . Not more den that .
To my friends yang give me advise and pujok akuh ,
Thank you friends . Love you people .
And to ___ ,
Its no use of you saying sorry .
It won't heal a deep bleeding cut in my heart laa okayy .
who do you tink i am sukati jeq nak menyakitkan haty org . i do have a feeling laa okayy . kalau slame nieyk kiter berkawan biase jeq , i wont have feelings for you larh ehk . its bcoz of ur wordz that i've become lyke thiz . hey . berubah la jady jantan yang bagos . mean all ur words that u've say to gals . jangan kate , tapy bukti nye takde .
One more thing , u tell me honestly den u lied ? yes , u did . but b4 that you sae u've personal affairs . and that is what you say by personal affairs ? Omg . this trick , i use it b4 okayy . hmm ..
And i want to say thank you larh ehk coz you have made me fall for you at the beginning and cried for you at the end .
Take care larh ehk .
With Love :
Mai Kecyk (:



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