Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello !! (:

Hello people ! ~
Today , most of the time , i'm not home .
In the noon , at about 12+ , my family and i went to Takashimaya .
We went to Desa Kartika .
We were invited for a wedding .
After that , i went home and change clothes .
Den must go Clementi west for Lantern Festival .
At first , it was boring .
But after sometime , it was not .
Because got a host named by Huda Ali and a performance by Syed Azmir .
Me and my cousins minat habes dgn dier .
After Syed Azmir sings , me and my cousins went to find him at the backstage .
We wanted to take picture with him .
And we did !
But i cant upload coz i havent buy USB yet .
And my the other phone battery rosak .
So cant upload lor .
So till here den !~
With Love :
Mai Kecyk (:

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