Friday, October 23, 2009

hope i'll be promoted .

Today school was as per normal except for the last period .
Last period , i get to know our overall marks .
I thought i only pass my malay .
But it was unexpected that overall , i pass my maths .
I was shocked .
I only pass my maths once and that is mid year exam .
So my form teacher ask me to beg my english teacher for another to 3% .
3% = 12marks .
If i get that 3% , i can get promoted .
But if not , i'll be dead .
So i were told that on tuesday , then i will get to know whether i'll be promoted or retained .
So let's just wait and see .
Hopefully i'll be promoted .
After school fetch Dani and Daniq .
Then went home and get ready to go out again .
So 4+ , i went out .
Went to Yishun and reached home like about 9+ going to 10 pm .
Tats about it .
With Love :
Mai Kecyk (:



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