Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back to update !

Heyhey !
Okayy . let's start with the update .
I went to somewhere and the swimming pool on the 10th of december .
Went with cuzzies . Mcm2 org akuh jumpe .
And sape lagyk ehk ? ouh yaa .. and i saw Naz , my new friendd .
Sombong you . da nmpk tknk tegur .
So on the 11th dec , went to work and no where else .
so today , 12th of dec , went to ICA building .
Went to make brother birth certificate as he lost it .
Thought of going to work but mum say just take day off .
So yah . take the whole day off instead of half-day off .
After that , went to Bugis with mum .
Then IMM .
And now i'm home .
So will update if there's anything .
Byebye . take care . (:



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