Saturday, November 28, 2009

b'dae party coming up !

Hello ! Just come back from town with family and cuzzies .
Penat laa oi .
So mum agree to let me have a b'dae party this year .
Yess uhr !
This year b'dae party all my sis pay .
Yeahh !!!
So mum asked me to invited my friends along .
Anyone wanna come ?
Do text me .
Mum wanna confirm A.S.A.P .
As she wanna know how much she has to cooked .
My mum so kancong .
She wanna do my party on christmas .
Kan lagy jaoh .
adoii ..
So there's pictures in my hp .
i'll upload it when i'm not lazy .
Okayy laa .
Byebye .
Take care (:



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