Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm tired ..

Hey friends !
I'm back for a while .
Andand thanks Nana for changing my blogskin and help update my blog .
Thanks dearest . (:
Like what Nana say , i have been buzy going to and fro hospital .
Penat laa oi .
So On Sunday night , dad was already sick .
So he called me and asked me to send him to hospital .
and i did .
So went to the nearest hospital and that is NUH .
NUH da laa service dier lambat .
ANd i counted how many ambulance that came in with patients .
It was very fast .
Every 3 mins jeq , there's patient .
So total that i get to count is about 30++ patients .
So it takes about 5 or 6 hours to go in to the EDTU ward .
It's something like observation ward .
But i hate the place .
Nurse dier semue mcm sial .
K skip .
So from 10 ++ pm till 3.30 am in the morning baru msk that EDTU .
Ngantok sio .
So no choice , i have to wait for my dad .
Then i took the first bus home .
Dpt tido 15 mins jeq .
Tuh da nak kene kluar lagyk .
adoii . ngantok oii .
So after i went out with my mum , i went out with Nana lak .
After that , i go to hospital again .
Den kene kacau ngn org2 paramedic .
Siol btol krg . hahah .
Get to know that dad has to stay there for about 2-3 days more .
So ingatkan nak tido sane .
But lazyy laa .
Kat sane tak leyy tdo seyy .
So i went home lagyk bagos .
andand now , i'm infront of the comp .
So byebye .
Love you .
Will update again if not buzy .

To Dad ; Get well soon ayee .
ILY . No worries , i'll always be with you .
You rock !



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