Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Updateupdateupdate !

Hello friends !
Haven't been updating for the past few days .
Been buzy with work .
Have been going to and fro to the hospital .
Have to sent my dad , lil brother , me and my lil beloved nephew .
Dad , lil brother and me need to go appointment .
While lil beloved nephew go see doctor as the other day , he kept running and became breathless .
So need to sent him .
And i also have been buzy with work here and there .
Baru 1 hari tak datang keje , da mcm2 bende tukar .
When i went to work just now , the supervisor ask me to call the patient in Singapore .
Bcoz all this while , i have been calling patient in Malaysia .
So after lunch , the supervisor ask to change again .
But this time , i have to key in and check data of secondary school counsellor survey .
This job is much more difficult then tele-marketing .
But whattodo . Its my job .
So i have to do it .
And about the few days back update , i think i dun need to update as the routine is still the same .
If i were to update , it will be the same as it will be me going to and fro work .
and also going to and fro to hospital .
So thats about it .
Goodnight and have a nice day . (:


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