Monday, November 2, 2009

My ex sucks .

That's my ex .
Today , i was shocked .
Guess why .
He came to my house .
At first , i thought who knocked my door .
So i opened and saw him .
and i was like ...
OMG . Is this really him .
He's been missing for 11 month .
And he came back to my life .
Mom ! Help me ! .
There's a reasn why i shouted mom .
He asked about my brother .
And i asked why are you finding my brother .
As me and my family is still angry with him over the past .
He said he wanna ask for apology .
And he said sorry to me too .
And i answered : Change your attitude first den i can forgive you .
He kept on saying sorry .
It was really irritating .
So i purposely asked him where is his gf .
He said no more .
And i said so tats the reason why you are finding me back .
He didnt answered me .
So i said , Let's see whether you are going to find me again or not .
He said yes .
That's bout him laa kan .
He's going to NS in december .
That's the reason why he's finding me and my brother .
* Haikal , listen up . Change your attitude first .
Because your attitude sucks .
Secondly , meet my brother and make sure he forgive you .
Lastly , Den my parents . *
So tat's bout him .




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