Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two days was superb ! i loike .

Heyhey people !
No picture ayee . Haven't upload yett uhrr .
Didn't update yesterday .
Wanted to go to town with ikha .
Beyy tak jady . last minute cancelled .
Haiyoo . Naseb baek ade plan laen .
So went to meet Nana's new friendd .
And he's friend also , aidil .
Hothothot heat sia . hehe . jk .
All of them are funny .
We went off like about 11 + pm .
Then went we reach the MRT , it stated : TRAIN SERVICE ENDED .
Me and Nana mengamok .
We dunnoe what to take to reach home .
Kalau jurong takperh jgk . But it's at pasir ris siaa .
So Nana called sharul , her new friend .
Then i called my papa .
So papa asked me to take bus to bishan .
And it's the last bus .
Naseb baek ade bus . If not , idk what to say .
So waited papa at a bus stop at bishan MRT .
And i kept asking Nana , who's the taxi driver .
Everything also she say , it's chinese laa .
Even my father also she say the same .
Then my sis sms me and asked stupid question that my mother doesn't ask .
So send Nana home and then me .
Reached home like about 2 + am . Late huh ?
But i don't care . I love the day !

It was superb !
Went to Mendaki Tuition .
Got test . So do do do then went back home .
So Nana asked me to follow her go meet shahrul again .
So i followed .
When inside the bus , they were nisy but they're funny .
They kept on disturbing me .
Saying like : Mai , ddk tghtgh uhr . ( he was sitting beside aidil . he asked me to sit in between aidil and him . )
And i was like , takpertakperh . tak payah
Den he say : maisarah , jgn amek aidil tau . Dier ___(don't know his name . so leave blank .) punye . * giggles *
Haha ! The bus was full of noises and laughter .
Ade banyak lagi uhr . Merepekmerepek uhr drg . (:
Then go to his friend house .
But we only sit outside the house .
Talktalktalk .
Den one of sharul friend , talk nonsense sia .
But funny uhr .
He and aidil were like a clown .
We laugh non-stop .
So went we board the bus to AMK , the guy also talk to me again .
Like asking me where i live and stuff uhr .
He's friendly . (:
But aidil only friendly to Nana .
But nevermind . Nana also not interested inhim .
Kankan Nana ? (:
So after that take train to Woodlands .
and then , walk to Republic Poly .
So Siti suhana waited for us at the entrance .
Bey bile masuk jeq poly tuh , i was like wth .
I thought must wear long pants and at least a t-shirt . Then must wear shoe . Something that is formal laa .
Many of the girls wear dress and high heels somemore . Wth . HAiyooo .
So when got 15 mins break , many of them went out to smoke .
So take picture here and there .
Many pictures sia . But at differentdifferent hp . So if not lazy then i upload lerr .
After that , went to causeway point with the sec 3's and some sec 4's .
Checkcheck banyak kedai da tutop .
So they went to eat at Long John Silver .
So me , Nana , Haqib and Haziq went home 1st .
Wanted to catch last train . But not last train uhr .
So haziq and Nana take the train to joo koon .
Me and Haqib take train to clementi .
Haqib wanted to send me home .
So send lorr .
Then now i'm home . 11.55 pm i reach home already uhrr .
So till here . byebye . take care (:
I loike today ! went out the whole day . whee ! ~ (:



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