Wednesday, November 11, 2009

tired laa dohh !

I'm back from camp !
Yes uhr !
The camp was okayy .
Not that great .
The first day was the kayaking day .
The second day , was tiring , fun and upset .
But nvm . It has ended already .
The upset part is that we are being punished because of one person who he thinks he's funny .
The tiring part is when we need to run in the morning .
And the fun part is i get to play flying fox !
At first i was scared .
As i am scared of heights . (:
The other fun part is the campfire !
Fun oi ! All the performance was great and funny .
Last day was when all the groups need to do area cleaning .
So i get to clean the toilet .
I was wet . Me and piqa play water .
She keeps on spraying water at me .
But overall , i love the kayaking ! :D
Gerek dohh !
The last part was happy and sad .
Happy because i can get my hp back .
Sad because the instructors was good and funny , eventhought they scold us or even punished us . So sad . But nvm laa .
So till here then ! ~



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